Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Gabal (The Wig)

Getting Wiggy With It

Gabal (The Wig)

Starring Min-seo Chae (Champion), Hyon-Jin Sa (Tube, Kilimajnaro)

Director: Shin Yeon-Won

The ending wracks, right. But trangression's still a priority also-ran , so - - - uh oh. The sustain it achieves, though, you have to at least admire that. The way it stretches cuckoo premise over pokerfaced tableau with a straight face. Some parts draw you in. Others make you flinch. Most make trips to the refrigerator without bothering with the pause button guilt-free. Rarely does it hit ballistic on the sublime freakout you secretly hoped for. Nor the arcane kitsch that would've done as consolation prize. But then, rarely does it collapse and twitch into the involuntary giggly fits you save for those Ed Wood marathons. Things stay prim , proper, blah - - - like a string quartet. It gives its game away only after when it sinks in that what you've just plowed through was a horror movie about a haunted wig. And what an inexplicably dull missed opportunity that was. How Miike would have skullfucked this baby. Bit of a shame, then. * *

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